Opening Hours:


Monday-Thursday 12-16 Lunch 16-22 Dinner

Friday-saturday 12-16 Lunch 16-23 Dinner

Sunday: 16-22


The Tequila Saloon:

Monday - sunday 18.00 - 01.30


Contact info:

Harry Pepper Restaurant og Bar
Bergesen & Tveit AS
Skagenkaien 33

4006 Stavanger

harry@harry-pepper.no / www.harry-pepper.no - 51 89 39 59

Bergesen: knut@harry-pepper.no - 97 17 83 01

Tveit: gt@harry-pepper.no - 41 22 15 58 

“The adventures of Harry Pepper, the telephone man, on his way to Mexico” is the full name of our restaurant that was established in Stavanger in 1986. We were the first Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurant in Norway. The main reason for this is that the oil industry was blooming in this region, which brought a lot of American businessmen to Stavanger.

They were a new segment of costumers that didn’t really have any restaurants in this city that met their requirements and satisfaction. Therefore Harry Pepper was established. It was once said that after these businessmen came off the plane, they were transported directly to Harry Pepper for a real American feast, before being checked in to a hotel. 

The Harry Pepper of 2019 is quite different than the original. A lot has changed since 1986. Although the oil industry is very much present in Stavanger, the city has evolved from being a sleeping "workers town" to the Northern European capital for oil industry.

Needless to say, this means that there is a lot more restaurants, bars and nightclubs than in 1986. You can now choose restaurants with cuisines from all over the world.

We have had to make adjustments to modern days, and at the same time try to keep as much of the original concept as possible. We try to find our segment of the marked and stay as unique as possible. We are an independent business, not attached to any chains.

Our Vision

Harry Pepper was one of the first modern restaurants in Stavanger. Therefore we feel a significant responsibility in running this place. 
There are a lot of people who has had something to do with this place, and for that reason there is a lot of opinions on how the place should be run and how it should look.

We, the owners, have been a part of Harry Pepper for the last 17 years, and have learned a lot from the people who have run it before us. Therefore it feels safe to say that we stand for quality, service, personal relations and good memories.

The food is made from scratch, no shortcuts being used and we also always try to use the best raw material that we can get.

Our waiters, chefs and bartenders are professional, knowledgeable, and always trying their best to please our costumers.

We wish to welcome all kinds of people. Nobody should feel like a stranger walking in our door and we will make sure that you are more than satisfied when you leave our place.